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Posted on February 26, 2013 at 12:52 PM Comments comments (54)
Hello Ladies!
Well the month of" love" and black history is winding down.  Is it a coincidence that both things are in the shortest month of the year?  And do we need a designated day in a  month to show the person or persons that  you love,  how much you love them?  I sure hope not.
Love is something that we should show all year long.  I suffered a tragedy last month when my house burned and I lost almost all of my worldly possessions.  While it has been an awful thing to happen, it has been very enlightening to me on several levels.  I already knew how wonderfully supportive, loving and caring the ladies of BPW are, however, through this horrible event,  they have proved it yet again..   What is really surprising and baffling is the feet dragging and loop-holing practices of the insurance companies.  You pay your premium each month,  and then when you dare to need  to use it , you are hit with all kind of surprises and fine print.  Not nice, insurance companies, not nice.
Losing everything you own, makes you appreciate  even more the things you have left and are blessed with, starting with your life.  I still have my loving husband, beautiful children and wonderful grandchildren and that is most important.  Physical things can be replaced.  Family and friends can not.  So, I am here! Loving life and thanking God for each and every day!  Join me!  Be inspired ladies!